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Our Story

Firstly, the name. Many people ask us about the origins of our unusual name. The word "smack" in particular seems to throw many land dwellers off course, but the word refers to a traditional type of fishing trawler, the River Crouch once played host to these boats which would carry fresh seafood to the river shores of the local area. 

The tavern was built in the 1800s and named the "The Oyster Smack" and has been a popular location being short walk from the main street and the river itself. 

Claire and Trevor Howell first opened their restaurant 'The Galley' at the Oyster Smack Inn in 2006, before taking over the adjacent pub two years later. After an extensive refurbishment they opened The Oyster Smack Inn with an 90-seater restaurant, modern bar and accommodation.


Their impressive CV of working in Michelin star restaurants; catering for MPs, Celebrities and even members of The Royal Family, together the Howells have brought their experience and expertise to give the Oyster Smack Inn the fabulous reputation it deserves.


Chef and proprietor Trevor’s inspiration and passion comes from a wealth of culinary experience including stints at Jamie Oliver’s first restaurant Montes in Knightsbridge and at Gordon Ramsey’s 3 Michelin star-winning establishment.


Over the last decade the couple have invested their care, passion and effort into transforming The Oyster Smack Inn from an old tavern to a popular contemporary restaurant and 10 room accommodation.  

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